Conditions of John Berrevoets

A: Scope

(1) The following terms are part of any treaty between John Berrevoets, and the customer as their legal successor.
(2) John Berrevoets provides services and deliveries solely on the basis of these general conditions.

B: Contract / contract performance

(1) The products sold as such may be used by the customer only for private use indefinitely and is sold worldwide. Forbidden is particularly each copy, distribution, public accessible making, change and adaptation of the products.
(2) John Berrevoets prints his photos by making use of only posterXXL. (

C: Supply, delivery times

(1) Delivery is from stock of posterXXL
(2) Partial deliveries are permitted and are considered as independent deliveries
(3) The duration of the John Berrevoets set deadline is set at three weeks after receiving payment.
(4) Upon delivery the customer is responsible for checking the product for damage before he / she puts his signature "properly received". In the case of damage the product will be immediately returned to the supplier by not accepting it. Then contact John Berrevoets and inform him of the kind of damage.

D: Payment Terms

(1) The purchase price must be paid immediately at the conclusion of the contract and is paid in advance.
(2) All costs, particularly packaging, transport, transport insurance and ports are at the expense of John Berrevoets. All prices and additional costs are calculated according to the price lists at posterXXL used, with a surcharge for the photo of John Berrevoets, at the time of making available and the order for shipment.

E: Warranty / risk exceeded

(1) There is basically no guarantee for color fastness and water resistance of printed products, except when an express written warranty is given (eg proof √ © with UV coating or lamination). PosterXXL explicitly points out that the printed products designed exclusively for use in confined areas.